In line with its performance objectives and its willingness to ensure sustainable growth, Lambda-X has developed a quality management system compliant with the EN 9100:2016 standard. Through this approach, Lambda-X implemented the necessary means to achieve the following objectives:

  • Always listen to the expectations of its stakeholders
  • Identify and control all risks related to the development of the company, in order to ensure the quality of products and services offered, at the right price and on time
  • Renew and continuously develop the skills of its staff
  • Guarantee a full control of each stage of its research, development and production processes
  • Ensure optimal functioning of management and support processes (purchasing, human resources, and infrastructure) so that they effectively contribute to support its research, development and production activities
  • Encourage all staff to work on a daily basis to improve the company's processes, while maintaining a flexible document system adapted to the size of the company
  • Ensure a high level of customer satisfaction and verify it through regular surveys
  • Ensure full compliance with applicable laws and regulations as well as any specific requirements applicable to its activities
  • Ensure wellbeing of the collaborators through its approach to risk prevention vis-à-vis Safety and the Environment