Designed to offer lens manufacturers real-time, high quality measurements of the optical power and modulation transfer function (MTF), the PMTF measures and characterizes every type of intraocular lenses (refractive & diffractive).

Key charasteristics

  • Automated measurement sequence
  • Improved scanning speed
  • Integrated USAF & Siemens targets
  • Fitted with ISO model eye
  • ISO11979 compliant
  • Physical model eye
  • Exchangeable model eye
  • Zemax compatibility verified

Hardware specifications

Measurement principle ISO11979-2 compliant power and MTF measurement
MTF orientation Tangential and sagittal
Model Eye ISO 11979-2 Model 1 (aberration free) or Model 2 (with spherical aberration) 
Custom Model Eye available on request.
Wavelength 546 nm
Aperture diameter 2, 2, 3.75 and 4.5 mm (standard), other on request.
Speed of measurement Real-time (10 Hz) MTF, through focus MTF 30 sec per 100 points
Operation Automatic MTF, Through focus and Power measurement, incl. automatic detection of focus. *Optional automatic IOL centering (not for toric).
IOL power range -10 D to 40 D
Lens holder X-Y translation table for standard cuvette, tilt free IOL holder. *Optional motorized table for automatic IOL centering
Repeatability variance 0,01 D (ISO5725)
External dimensions 170 x 220 x 590 mm³ (23 x 9 x 7 in³)

Software specifications

Single focus MTF and power
Through focus Through focus MTF at 100, 50, 25 or 10 cy/mm
Multifocal (*toric, plug-in) MTF, power (*and cylinder) and at each focus (up to 3)
ISO through focus & ISO MTF Automatic, ISO compliant
Operating mode Single measurement (R&D), Production Batch
Interfacing Bar code, TCP/IP—LabView compatible (optional)
Data output, production batch (PB) Text file, one line per measurement, batch report, statistics
Data output, single measurement (SM) Save curves as image (BMP) or text file (CSV)

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