Optical Systems

An optical system is the combination of an optical design with mechanical, electronical and software components.  
Lambda-X creates and design optical systems for multiple applications in multiple industrial environments. From optical principle to optical design. From Proof-Of-Concept (POC) to demonstrator and prototype. From proptotype to serial production through product industrialization.


The TURRET is an automatically driven multiple objective inspection system. Equipped with up to 4 objectives it is used as an OEM inspection sub-system in metrology tools for the micro-electronics industry.

Key characteristics:

  • Plug & play OEM optical sub-system (optics, mechanics, electronics)
  • Multi-objective, camera and motor set-up for automatic objective positioning 
  • Designed for back-end inspection of Integrated Circuits  
  • 300 units manufactured since 2009


  • Up to 4 objectives in one turret
  • Image quality controlled by through-focus MTF (every objective)
  • Delivered with calibration certificate (centered position for each objective)
  • Dust free (clean room assembly)

Hype Camera

Based on a proprietary design, HYPE is a robust hyperspectral camera, insensitive to vibrations, suited for biological and chemical imaging. Connected to a microscope it extracts fluorescence or Raman information from images with adjustable spectral resolution.

Key characteristics: 

  • Common path interferometer architecture
  • High spectral resolution (VNIR or SWIR)
  • Hypercube acquisition
  • Flexible and robust
  • Suitable for 2D Raman spectroscopy


  • Spectral range: 400…1000nm (VNIR); 900…1700nm (SWIR) 
  • Spectral resolution: 20cm-1 or 
    • 0.32nm @400nm (VNIR)
    • 5.8nm @1700nm (SWIR)
  • Acquisition time: 112 sec (20cm-1); 11 sec (200cm-1)
  • Field-Of-View: adjustable by imaging lens
  • Excitation wavelength: selectable (any wavelength based on the application)
  • Promoting innovation at customers with innovative optical concepts
  • Supporting new product development with custom optical designs
  • Derisking customer by multi-stage project management
  • Getting a Proof-Of-Concept with breadboard experiments
  • POC validation by prototyping 
  • Industrialization and serial production supported by ISO 9001 and EN 9100 quality system