The key to understanding any type of spectacle lens.

Key charasteristics

  • Capable of measuring and characterizing any type of spectacle lens, semi-finished, finished, mounted.
  • Routine calibrations are no longer necessary.
  • Software offers a user-friendly interface .

Hardware specifications

Measurement principle Fourier Deflectometry
Field of view 85mm diameter
Wavelength 546 nm
Imaging device 2048x2048 pixels
Spatial resolution 43 μm
Speed of measurement 4 to 10 seconds depending on ROI and measurement type
Absolute power range ± 15 D on 50 mm Ø and ± 20D on 40mm Ø
Repeatability (diopter) Better than 0,005 D
External dimensions 310 x 440 x 1050 mm³

Software specifications

Power maps Spherical, cylindrical, axes
Modulation maps Useful for mark detection or cosmetic defects inspection
Second diopter computation H(x,y) data computed from measurement and a priori knowledge of first diopter definition + central thickness + refractive index. Any of the two diopters can be computed (concave or convex)
Data input/output Oma file format, according to VCA standard

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