Lambda-X creates, designs & manufactures custom optical systems and sub-systems for a wide range of applications in metrology, imaging, quality control, process control, lighting, etc...

Process controls

Custom spectrometers for spectroscopic measurements on fluids and materials.

Measurements in the DUV (from 170nm), VIS, NIR, MIR & FIR (up to 20µm).

Sensors operating in multiple environments: OEM, in-situ, at line, on-line.

Full sensor development & integration: optics, opto-mechanics, electronics, software & algorithms, IP environmental protection, in-situ integration.

Optical sensors

Custom designed sensors (source, detector, optics system) 

Sensors operating in various environments: OEM, in-situ, at line, on-line.

Spectroscopic sensors for measurements in the UV, VIS, NIR, SWIR, IR. 

Imaging systems for devices/components inspection. 

Glass Manufacturing

Optical systems operating in multiple environments: in-situ, on-line, at line, off-line .

Optical systems and algorithms dedicated to automatic defect detection and classification.

Optical surface & mirror manufacturing

Custom optics systems for mirrors and optical surfaces control.

Automatic metrology equipment.

Automatic defect detection and classification.




Custom lighting systems development (internal and external lighting).

Custom LIDAR cameras development

Contract Manufacturing

Manufacturing based on customer designs (supported by EN9100 certification)

Clean room facility (ISO 5, 7 & 8)

High precision tooling for optics alignment & assembly

Various assemblies: mechanical, gluing, …

Metrology for optical components and optics systems quality control (wavefront measurements, MTF, interferometric bench, cosmetic controls, photometric controls

Services to support customer products evolutions: optical & opto-mechanical design, electronics design, software development; EMC testing & certification

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Lambda-X creates and manufactures optical systems for Space, Security, Industrial and Medical applications. Upon the successful transfer of a patented optical design for a space experiment, Lambda-X has become since 2008 a world leader in Quality Control for ophthalmic products with NIMO instruments. Lambda-X is expanding in Industry & Secutrity markets as custom optical systems are a powerful innovation engine in multiple segments.