Contact lens

Based on the patented Phase Shifting Schlieren method, the NIMO TR1504 offers a cutting-edge solution for the control of contact lenses. With its advanced technology, the NIMO offers the highest resolution of any commercially available power mapping instruments, providing valuable information from every single camera pixel.



Over the last decade, the NIMO TR1504 has become the instrument of reference for the metrology of contact lenses and is present across the globe in the R&D labs and production plants of the most demanding manufacturers. Today, Lambda-X is introducing its brand new NIMOEVO and associated software application CLE-MENTOR.




NIMOEVO and CLE-MENTOR offer much more than a metrology tool. Thanks to a reengineered NIMO and a completely re-designed software, NIMOevo is delivering not only the most advanced solution for the production of your contact lenses today but also, thanks to its now ultra-fast measurement cycle, its forward-thinking API and the scalability of the software, the metrology solution you need for tomorrow.