Spectroscopic systems

Lambda-X is involved in the design of custom spectrometers in the DUV (from 170nm), UV-VIS, NIR, SWIR, IR ranges. Selecting the suitable architecture, optimizing Signal over Noise Ratio, adapting to harsh industrial environments are some of our key contributions. 

Spectroscopic systems

Hyperspectral imaging

 HYPE camera enables fast 2D chemical imaging with extraction of the spectral signature of biological species or chemical materials.

Wide-Field Raman Imaging

Robust hyperspectral camera performs Raman shift measurements over an extended field-of-view. The way to fast 2D chemical imaging.

Compositional analysis of a wide range of materials : metals, gas atmospheres, polymers, chemicals, bilogical samples, etc…
In a number of custom industrial environments: in-situ, at-line, in space, etc…

MIR & FIR spectroscopy

Monitoring product quality by extracting composition analysis of polymers and/or fluids.