Imaging systems and image processing

Designing a custom optical system to reach the required image quality in order to extract the requested metrology information (by image processing) is the core competence of Lambda-X. Hundreds of custom optical systems have been designed and realized to serve our clients over various market segments.

Imaging systems and image processing

Near-field and far-field imaging

Imaging with the required resolution over the field-of-view of interest.

Automatic defect detection and classification

Detecting cosmetic defects by several optical methods (deflectometry, dark field microscopy, …). Anlayzing and classifying by algorithms. Managing data in customized GUI.

Polymer micro-optics

Optical and opto-mechanical designs for miniaturized systems.

Manufacturing with advanced molding techniques.

3D image reconstruction applications.

3D holographic imaging systems

Contract manufacturing of iLine F for Ovizio Imaging Systems.

Automatic device inspection

Custom optics for device inspection (see TURRET product). Custom optics as OEM for advanced camera based inspection systems.

LIDAR cameras

Custom IR optics design and prototyping for ADAS applications.