Custom microscopy

Lambda-X provides an expertise and a seasoned experience in developing custom microscopes (12 original designs over the past 10 years). Main design drivers are: miniature (space), robust (shocks, vibrations, temperature), reliable. Some designs have been industrialized and are currently under production.

Custom microscopy

Digital holographic microscope

3D characterization of living cells in bioreactors

Confocal laser scanning microscopes

High-resolution optical imaging with optical sectioning

Fluorescence microscopes

Measurement of high-resolution fluorescence emission map.

Biological function maps, proteins or molecules of interest distribution.

Differential Imaging Contrast (DIC) microscopes

Microscopy with enhanced contrast

Custom light microscopes

Common with robust and flexible design

Design variants to address different imaging needs for one biotech application

Single & dual wavelength illumination; 2D & interferometric imaging