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NIMO Matrix

The world famous NIMO technology and benefits in a brand new all in one motorized instrument.



Based on the NIMO TR0815, the NIMO Matrix proves the ideal solution for the quick, autonomous control of all IOLs. All too often, the bottleneck in IOL production is found in quality control. Production generally reacts quickly to a certain extent and higher demand without having to change the line. However, in other labs, quality control runs full charge, creating a demand to increase the quantity of control instruments and human resources.

Now, NIMO Matrix offers the full range of capacities of the NIMO TR0815, albeit fully automated.

Key characteristics:

  • Tray of 121 IOL
  • Measures monofocal, toric, multifocal and multifocal toric IOLs.
  • Up to 121 IOLs measured in a single click !
  • Flexible Matrix tray definition
  • One time calibration
  • Dry or Wet measurement
  • Non-moving IOL Matrix tray for an easy water management