About us

World reference in Ophthalmic Metrology
More than 30 instruments in Space Activities
Customized solutions for Industry

Created in 1996, Lambda-X designs, develops and manufactures optical & metrology systems as well as subsystems for Ophthalmology, Space, Defense & Industry.

Widely recognized as a key player in the space sector, we have developed and manufactured more than 30 instruments which have been deployed in Space since 1996. The instruments engineered by Lambda-X are based on a broad range of optical technologies including:

  • Light Scattering
  • Interferometry
  • Tomography
  • Microscopy, Hyperspectral applications
  • Deflectometry (Patent : Phase Shifting Schlieren)
  • And many more…


In 2002, following our successful transfer of cutting-edge technology originally developed for the space industry to tangible, terrestrial applications, Lambda-X started developing a complete assortment of state-of-the-art metrology instruments for the quality control of ophthalmic lenses, including the world famous NIMO and PMTF ranges. Today, Lambda-X is the leader in developing and manufacturing metrology tools for the ophthalmic industry.

We are constantly striving to improve the quality of our services and products. In this perspective, in September 2014, Lambda-X moved to its new facility offering larger and enhanced cleanroom and integration areas

Lambda-X is certified ISO 9001:2008 & EN 9100:2009.


Boasting a wide-ranging expertise in the field of vision and metrology, Lambda-X is by your side, helping you to continuously improve your business efficiency.

The solutions implemented in Lambda-X’s systems and sub-systems often combine several technologies into a single instrument. This requires dealing with the most demanding constraints : very compact sizes, broad temperature range of operation or extreme lightweight,...

Project developments

In addition to these standards instruments, our highly-skilled staff in optics, mechanics, electronics and software also designs, prototypes and produces series for our clients, providing them unparalleled know-how and support to develop and manufacture their own products.

Through our considerable experience in Industry & Space industrial and research projects, we manage your project from the drawing board to manufacturing, making Lambda-X the ideal partner for any assignment.


We offer a comprehensive range of metrology-dedicated and ophthalmic (contact lenses, Intraocular lenses and spectacles) products, including PMTF and the world-renowned NIMO instruments line, which is based on the “Phase Shifting Schlieren” patented technology.

  • Cutting-edge metrology for controlling ophthalmic lenses (RGP – rigid gas permeable – and soft contact lenses, refractive & diffractive IOLs, spectacles
  • Wet or Dry measurement (Sphere, Cylinder, Addition, Axis, Micro-Four-Thirds (MFT), Through focus MTF, Power Maps, Power Profiles, Wavefront…)
  • Full assessment of complex lenses (Torics, multifocal or multifocal torics, freeform)
  • Automated & custom solution


Innovation Center

We are part of the Verhaert group, a leading product
innovation center.