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Specialized in vision and metrology, Lambda-X is the partner you need to improve your business efficiency.

Our Professional team, highly skilled in Engineering (optics, mechanics, electronics and software) is able to handle your entire project from the very initial stage up to series manufacturing. Our support can be tailored to your specific demand and encompass development; validation; prototyping, qualification and data/image processing.

Our expertise covers:

  • The Quality control equipments for optics manufacturers, ophthalmic manufacturers, pharmaceutical industries; process control and yield management; 3D geometry or localization equipments for aeronautics and automotive...
  • Aerospace & Defense devices (Scientific instrumentations; space exploration; AOCS; vision/identification/tracking)
  • Bio imaging
  • Partnership and Lead of international collaborative R&D projects

Used to address the most stringent technical constraints and severe
confidentiality requirements, Lambda-X is the ideal partner for the
management of your projects in Vision and Metrology.

Earth Observation payload for unmanned aerial vehicule
Solar pointer for Satellite

Our products

The NIMO line

Based on the patented “Phase Shifting
Schlieren” (PSS) technique, offers a
cutting-edge solution for the control of
refractive intraocular lenses (IOL), contact
lenses and spectacle lenses. Thanks to its
advanced technology, NIMO offers the
highest resolution of the market and pro-
vides valuable information from every
single camera pixel.

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The NIMO RE is an application of the PSS technology in
reflection for the wavefront topology analysis of high gloss
surfaces such as mirrors.


The world famous NIMO technology and
benefits in a brand new ALL IN ONE motorized
instrument, capable of measuring up to
121 IOL in a single click!

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For the control of power and MTF of
diffractive IOL’s, the PMTF has been devel-
oped in complete compliance with the ISO
11979-2 Standard requirements.

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